Enginuity Skills Awards 2024 shortlist announced

Posted on 8 Apr 2024 by The Manufacturer

Enginuity, the charity dedicated to closing skills gaps in UK engineering and manufacturing, has announced the shortlist for this year’s Enginuity Skills Awards.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of this annual celebration of the brightest and best in UK engineering and manufacturing talent and the organisations championing skills development to ensure a bright future for this sector, which is the backbone of the UK economy.

The ceremony will be hosted this year by Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and award-winning broadcaster Steph McGovern at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole next to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) during Smart Manufacturing and Engineering Week on 5 June 2024.

Enginuity Skills Awards 2024 Finalists (click each to expand)
Advanced Level Apprentice of the Year – sponsored by UCAS

This Award recognises an apprentice whose dedication to learning and skill development has positively impacted their workplace and who serves as a role model to inspire others towards careers in engineering and manufacturing.

Adam Thwaites, Siemens plc

Adam has demonstrating proactive personal and professional growth while overcoming challenges to excel in his role. He contributes significantly to his workplace by leading impactful initiatives and promoting apprenticeships through STEM Ambassador programs.

Ellenique Martin, Jaguar Land Rover

Excelling in personal and professional development, Ellenique contributes significantly to her workplace through initiatives like support forums and event organization. She also promotes apprenticeships and careers in engineering as an Early Careers Ambassador.

Jamie Clarke, LISI Aerospace Rugby

Jamie has overcome challenges such as dyslexia and health issues to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer. He has contributed to his employer through productivity enhancements, training rig designs, safety improvements, troubleshooting, and promoting apprenticeships and engineering careers.

Lindsay Conroy, Head of Apprenticeships, UCAS says: “UCAS, an independent charity dedicated to empowering individuals on their educational and career journeys, is proud to sponsor Enginuity’s Advance Level Apprentice awards.”

“UCAS recognises the growing demand for skilled professionals in engineering and manufacturing and aims to foster a robust future for this sector by nurturing the next generation of talent.

“UCAS sponsoring this award reflects their commitment to making all career pathways and apprenticeship levels in engineering and manufacturing more prominent.  That’s why we’re proud to collaborate with Enginuity, a vital body supporting these crucial industries.”

Graduate, Degree or Higher Level Apprentice of the Year - sponsored by Teesside University

This category is dedicated to apprentices whose commitment, innovative thinking, and skills are making a valued contribution to their workplaces and wider industry.

Yusuf Mumtaz, Jaguar Land Rover

Yusuf has made a significant contribution to Jaguar Land Rover through his data analysis and engineering skills. He promotes apprenticeships in engineering and aspires to become a certified integrated engineer.

Ethan Round, Bentley Motors Ltd

Ethan has excelled in the hands-on learning environment, overcoming challenges like dyslexia to make a major contribution to crash analysis and testing at Bentley. He actively promotes apprenticeships and engineering careers and wants to eventually work in Formula 1 safety engineering.

Asad Gondal, Rolls-Royce

Asad has spearheaded cost-saving initiatives and driven efficiency improvements at Rolls-Royce. He promotes apprenticeships and careers in engineering and wants to become a manufacturing leader who mentors future generations of engineers.

Jo Burgess, Director of Professional Apprenticeships at Teesside University, says:

“At Teesside University we are focused on making a real difference to the lives of people and the success of businesses and the economy. As one of the UK’s leading providers of professional apprenticeships, we support a wide range of organisations and businesses to develop the relevant skills that are required within their organisation to deliver on their ambitions.

“At the same time, apprenticeships offer people a way to progress within their career and access a diverse range of qualifications, up to and including a university degree.

“In particular, we recognise the key role that apprenticeships are playing in meeting the UK’s skills needs in the engineering, advanced manufacturing and technology sectors and we are delighted to support Enginuity in their mission to bridge these skills gaps.”

T Level Student of the Year, sponsored by BAE Systems

This Award will go to a student whose commitment to learning and skills development in both education and the workplace makes them an inspiring role model for careers in engineering and manufacturing.

Jack Matthews, East Norfolk Sixth Form College

Jack has been nominated for his commendable academic performance, dedicated pursuit of practical skills in the renewable energy sector, and active promotion of engineering careers, all while overcoming challenges like balancing a part-time job and providing family support.

Elliott Barton, Barnsley College

Elliott is excelling both academically and professionally. He is driven by a passion for practical skills development and industry relevance, showcasing the value of T Levels in preparing for successful careers. He promotes engineering and manufacturing to others and aspires to work in network engineering and cybersecurity consultancy.

Jamie Baines, Barnsley College

During his industry placement with ARM, Jamie demonstrated his excellent programming and image manipulation skills. He champions the value of vocational education, promoting T Levels. Jamie aspires to work in the tech sector, making a meaningful impact with his programming skills and passion.

Richard Hamer, Director, Education & Skills, BAE Systems comments: “We are delighted to be sponsoring the Enginuity Skills Awards, and particularly the award for a T Level student.

“This award recognises a student whose success in both education and the workplace demonstrates their commitment to learning and developing skills, making them an ideal role model to encourage others into engineering and manufacturing careers.

“It has been immensely inspiring to read the award entries this year and learn about the incredible young people nominated.”

The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Award - sponsored by Rolls-Royce

This Award celebrates organisations or teams that have made a significant contribution to improving and increasing equality, diversity, and inclusion in engineering and manufacturing.

Access & Awareness Initiative, MTC Training / Oxfordshire Advanced Skills

The Access & Awareness Initiative has promoted equality and diversity in STEM education and apprenticeships through targeted outreach efforts, specialist support services, inclusive learning resources, accessible technology, and personalized support to ensure individuals from all backgrounds thrive in the engineering industry.

Virtual Work Experience Programme, Siemens Digital Industries

This programme addresses underrepresentation by engaging a diverse range of students, including females, those from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, individuals with special educational needs or disabilities, and carers.

UKESF Scholarship Scheme, UK Electronics Skills Foundation

The UKESF Scholarship Scheme promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion by supporting female applicants, providing diversity training, ensuring a safe learning environment, offering ongoing career support, and engaging in outreach activities. This results in increased diversity, an enriched workplace culture, and high employer satisfaction.

Natasha Whitehurst, Global Inclusion Lead, Rolls-Royce says: “Sponsoring the Enginuity Awards is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to addressing the skills gap and fostering a highly skilled, diverse workforce in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

“As a charity dedicated to supporting employers in these industries, Enginuity plays a vital role in providing valuable insights and solutions to ensure the sector remains globally competitive.

“By supporting this annual event, we are not only investing in the future of our industry but also showcasing our dedication to diversity, inclusion and belonging.

“Together with Enginuity, we are shaping a brighter future for engineering and manufacturing, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for all.”

Training Partner Skills Champion of the Year - sponsored by EAL

This Award recognises partnerships between providers and employers where a commitment to learning and skills development supports sustainable engineering and manufacturing growth.

Skills Bootcamp Collaboration, East Coast College

This collaboration addressed employers’ concerns by revolutionising training to focus on character traits alongside technical skills, breaking away from conventional qualifications and integrating post-course employment opportunities. It resulted in 67% job placement for Cohort 1 and 43% job offers for Cohort 2 within 6 weeks.

Empowering Excellence & ECS Championing Skilled Workers, ZZEUS Training

This training provider and employer partnership, formed in 2022 to address challenges faced by experienced workers in the fire system sector post-Grenfell, has delivered significant advancements in providing meaningful certification for the fire safety industry.

Gloucestershire Engineering Training

In partnership with local SMEs, Gloucestershire Engineering Training has successfully addressed a skills gap in the Forest of Dean by opening a training centre in September 2023. The centre already has impressive apprentice retention, completion rates, and specialised training delivery. Future plans include expanding the centre’s training offer and community engagement to further close skills gaps in the engineering sector.

Al Parkes, Managing Director of EAL, comments: “As the specialist Awarding Organisation and End-Point Assessment organisation for engineering and manufacturing, we know that making sure skills development keeps pace with changing needs often requires collaboration to constructively challenge the way things have been done.

“This collaborative approach is an important part of why we are trusted to ensure that people have the right skills by engineers, private training providers and employers, as well as schools, academies, colleges, universities, sector bodies and governments.

“It’s great to see training providers and employers working in partnership so that learning and skills development supports sustainable engineering and manufacturing growth.”

SME Employer Skills Champion of the Year – sponsored by Innovate UK

This category is focused on engineering or manufacturing SME employers with an outstanding commitment to sustainable business improvement through learning and development.


CBE+ strategically identified and addressed a crucial skills gap by implementing comprehensive talent development initiatives. This achieved notable success, including a 100% retention rate for apprentices over the past four years.


By launching the UK’s first Precision Tooling Academy, investing £1 million to create a commercial toolroom, and reshaping its apprenticeship approach, Brandauer has benefitted from business growth and increased turnover, while contributing to STEM education initiatives like The MAN Group’s Design & Make Challenge.

EMS Industries Ltd

EMS Industries Ltd. is addressing engineering skills gaps through collaboration, work experience programs, and apprenticeships. This has already led to increased recruitment and tangible business outcomes. It is now planning to refine these initiatives for sustainable skills development.

Debbie Johnson, Head of Innovation Talent & Skills, Innovate UK, says: “We are delighted to be sponsoring the SME Employer Skills Champion of the Year award at this year’s Enginuity Skills Awards.

“As the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK plays a pivotal role in building the talent and skills pipeline for innovative UK businesses.

“Together, with partners like Enginuity, we are making a visible and important commitment to expanding this pipeline and accelerating the change that our society and economy needs.”

Large Employer Skills Champion of the Year – sponsored by FANUC

This Award will be presented to a large engineering or manufacturing employer with an outstanding commitment to sustainable business improvement through learning and development.

KMF Precision Sheet Metal Limited

KMF made the shortlist for its outstanding collaborative efforts, work experience programs and apprenticeship offerings. These have resulted in increased and more diverse recruitment, and plans being put in place for sustainable skills development.

BAE Systems

BAE Systems showcases skills development through meticulous gap analyses, initiatives like the Global Digital Academy and Apprentice Trailblazer groups, and technology integration, leading to significant cost savings, improved learning quality, and increased autonomy for apprentices. It has future plans to integrate AI learning and expand its use of immersive learning environments.

David Smith, Siemens Digital Industries

David has been nominated as a skills champion for the work he does conducting thorough skills assessments, analysing job roles, implementing innovative apprenticeship schemes tailored to industry demands, fostering continuous learning, overcoming barriers through strategic collaboration with educational institutions, and developing a highly skilled workforce for the challenges of automation technologies.

Satty Cole, Business Development Manager, FANUC UK says: “As the Business Development Manager at FANUC, I firmly believe that sponsoring the Enginuity Awards presents a tremendous opportunity for us to not only celebrate excellence in the industry but also to actively contribute to closing the skills gap.

“By investing in such initiatives, we not only upskill our own workforce but also inspire others to pursue careers in automation and engineering.

“Together, we can shape a future where innovation thrives, and the industry remains at the forefront of technological advancement.”

The Best of British Engineering Award sponsored by Enginuity, will also be decided on the evening of the ceremony, from the individual winners of the above categories.

“To close skills gaps UK engineering and manufacturing it is vital that we inspire people with the careers available in engineering and manufacturing and share best practice in skills development,” says Ann Watson, Chief Executive of Enginuity.

“We’re proud that the Enginuity Skills Awards has been celebrating UK skills excellence and champions for 10 years. Rapid advancements in engineering and manufacturing make this annual celebration even more important as we strive to ensure that skills keep pace with change.”

Earlybird tickets to the Enginuity Skills Awards 2024 are currently still available.

Other supporting partners of the Enginuity Skills Awards 2024 include EDT, The Manufacturer, Siemens plc, KMF, Manufacturing Technology Centre, and Kontent.ai.

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