Epicor boss targets sector-wide strategy in UK

Posted on 8 Sep 2011 by The Manufacturer

Pervez Qureshi, CEO and president of Epicor, says the software company plans to develop a strategy to find efficiencies in whole industry sectors in the UK, rather than merely individual companies.

Speaking exclusively to The Manufacturer, Mr Qureshi, who assumed the top job at Epicor in May when the company merged with Activant Solutions Inc, said that finding supply chain and ERP efficiencies whole industry sectors has worked for his previous company in the US. The aim was to make the same strategy work in the UK, he said.

Epicor 9 is Epicor’s ERP system, and traditionally a popular one for UK manufacturers. Activant developed software for the distribution and retail sectors, in areas like supply chain analysis and EDI (electronic data interchange).

The strengths of Activant’s products is expected to help the new Epicor to penetrate beyond the single company and unearth supply chain efficiencies between companies and whole sectors. Mr Qureshi was CEO of Activant before the merger in May financed by Apax Partners.

“We look to take inventory out of the entire pip,” he says.”So the strategy is to start with individual companies, pick sectors where you have market share, then assess how to improve sector efficiencies as well as the single company’s ERP.”

In the UK the plan has not been formally implemented yet, but Qureshi is confident of success because his company has a track record with this approach in the US.

Epicor UK has not targeted specific sectors yet, but Quresehi says they’re looking at those traditionally strong UK sectors, including aerospace, electronics, and industrial engineering.

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