ESCP Europe preparing managers for the ‘factory of tomorrow’

Posted on 7 Feb 2017 by The Manufacturer

The world of manufacturing is undergoing what experts and industry leaders are calling the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" or "Industry 4.0" (few of many buzz-words being used to brand the phenomenon, another one being "The Factory of The Future").

ESCP Europe Business School the world’s first business school (est.1819) welcomes the Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation (EMMA). An innovative programme designed to offer managers and senior professionals a new way to lead in the “Factory of the Future” providing the right skills and mind-set to think strategically and lead technological and organisational disruptions.

Disruptive technologies are changing the way we do business and the models are changing and adapting according to the current demands of the industry. This includes the management dynamics and interactions when dealing the operational technologies and systems.

The ESCP Europe Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation & Digital Transformation is a 12-month, part-time programme now recruiting for March 2017.

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The “Factory of the Future” indeed begins outside the factory, as new technologies allow faster and smarter virtual prototyping allowing better product designs, which are co-designed together with customers, and customised to individual specs, at the same cost of mass-production; as well as products that can communicate via sensor throughout the entire supply chain and throughout their entire life cycle.

Academic Director Giovanni Scarso-Borioli said: “In a world where the CEOs of some of the largest global organisations are technology gurus themselves, there is increasing market demand both for managers to develop technological know-how, as well for engineers to grow their management and leadership skills. This is why we have created the Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation (EMMA). These days, advances in digital technology are exponentially increasing opportunities for innovation.”

The leaders of the manufacturing companies of the future will need to embrace and understand technology much more. The new trends do suggest that technology is a skilled needed to run large corporations and keep the rapid pace. For this reason alone, manufacturers will need to prepare today for the inevitable digital transformations.