Flux Electric Bikes look to ‘Trump’ the e-bike market with mid-mounted motor

Posted on 11 Apr 2016 by Tim Brown

Even the most avid cyclist knows the dread of waking up in the morning in the searing heat, realising you've got an hour bike ride ahead of you to get into work, and then finding out when you arrive that the office shower is out of order.

And for those that ride for pleasure, more so than to commute, how often have you called time on a day’s mountain biking because you couldn’t face the thought of another 45 minute uphill ride just so you could enjoy a five minute downhill run.

Well worry no more because, with the latest entrant to the growing electric bike market, you won’t have to worry about a sweaty commute or a difficult hill climb ever again.

Co-founders Pete Leaviss and Robert Rast have developed Flux Electric Bikes with a mid-motor design, hydraulic disc brakes and an impressive 46 mile (75km) range thanks to the same lithium batteries used in the Tesla Model S.

Flux Electric Bikes are available in three models including: the Roadster, the Trail, and the top of the line Attack – see specification details below.

Founded to reinvent the concept of electric bikes, Flux Electric Bikes combine high quality components with innovative design to offer a high performance and stylish electric bike. With a 250 watt mid-motor and nine speed Shimano gears, Flux bikes add power to a rider’s own strength and can tackle almost any hill with ease.

Using high-capacity detachable Panasonic Lithium-ion battery cells, the batteries can power the bike for up to 46 miles when fully charged, which takes between four to five hours.

Importantly too, the design of the bikes has the electric motor located in between the pedals (in the crank), as opposed to on the wheel. This means that the bike is able to fully utilise the back gears allowing users a faster and better ride.

Flux Electric Bikes go big on IndieGoGo

The company has made a splash on crowdfunding site Indiegogo with a campaign for $50,000 reaching its goal in just 14 hours. But with the campaign open for another two weeks, the best place to get your hands on a Flux bike is via the crowdfunding page, where they are available for as little as US$1,099.

The bikes are selling out fast though so, if an electric bike is on your radar, you might want to move quickly.

And don’t miss the hilarious video below ‘narrated’ by none other than presidential hopeful, Donald Trump.