Free e-book offers advice on creating business dashboards

Posted on 7 Feb 2014 by The Manufacturer

Matillion has announced the availability of its latest free-to-download e-book to assist users of business intelligence software.

The fast-growing provider of cloud-based Business Intelligence and Self-Serve Reporting solutions regularly publishes its free guides online.

The latest is called: How to Create Compelling Business DashboardsIt follows on from the success of Successfully Implementing Business Intelligence, published last year, and aims to share best practice in business dashboard design.

“From what type of chart to use, to tips on effective layouts, and advice on the best fonts and colours to use, How to Create Compelling Business Dashboards contains a wealth of practical advice on how to create better business dashboards—whatever your Business Intelligence system,” said Matthew Scullion, chief executive at Matillion.

Vendor-neutral, the easy-to-read guide contains eight richly-illustrated chapters, each explaining the guiding principles of the topics covered, together with end-of-chapter summaries and best practice examples.

Topics covered include advice on dashboard structure and metrics, the correct use of colour and typography, and data visualisations and charts.

“There are too many examples out there of badly-designed business dashboards that don’t help people to make better decisions,” summed up Scullion. “Our goal in publishing this free e-book was to help businesses to make a genuine difference to the effectiveness of their business dashboards.”