Fujitsu staff down tools

Posted on 12 Jun 2008 by The Manufacturer

Workers at a Fujitsu manufacturing plant in Birmingham went on strike this week in protest against the company’s plans to move production to the US.

A long-touted move to transfer printed circuit board manufacturing to Richmond, Texas, from Solihull led to the 24 hour action by staff who are frustrated by a lack of compromise. It is unclear how many of the 700 workers will be moved to other Fujitsu sites around the country, though it is thought 140 jobs will be lost under the proposals.

The strikers are represented by the Communication Workers Union (CWU). Grace Mitchell, a national official, said: “The way that staff have been treated is extremely disappointing after all these years of loyal service. Staff are not prepared to sit back and allow the company to cut these vital manufacturing jobs. They have proven themselves over years of service and now it is time for Fujitsu to prove their dedication to successful operations in the UK. Talks will continue between CWU and the company and we will be doing our utmost to achieve a solution which keeps jobs in the Birmingham plant.”

The picket-line on Monday found support from postal workers. The strike-veterans refused to deliver mail to the factory.

Further industrial action short of a strike, including refusals of overtime, will continue at the site until a resolution is found.