Veetee’s fully recyclable Rice Box champions sustainability in sector

Posted on 27 Jul 2022 by The Manufacturer

Sustainable packaging company Veetee, one of the UK’s largest rice brands, has successfully removed the plastic bags and skillets from its packaging with the help of DS Smith

Delivering sustainable packaging with optimal consumer convenience significantly increases a brands’ chance of standing out on the shelf. Veetee Rice Ltd’s dry rice pack is a sector-leading solution that removes the need to use plastic bags or standard skillets in its packaging, with a box lid that can be removed, used as a measure, and then reseals the pack for ease of storage.

As one of the UK’s largest rice companies, Veetee’s pioneering solution is a fully recyclable fibre-based rice box with a unique portion measure and was created by DS Smith who works closely with their customers to support the removal of problem plastics from supermarket shelves.

The innovative solution reinforces both companies’ position as sector leaders in plastic replacement, as the fully fibre-based box replaces existing plastic bag options currently on the market and aims to remove over 50 tonnes of plastic from the UK market.

Veetee's fully recyclable fibre-based rice box. Credit: Veetee

Veetee’s fully recyclable fibre-based rice box. Credit: Veetee

FTSE 100 sustainable packaging company DS Smith worked closely with Veetee and its design brief to create a product that is not only friendlier on the environment but makes it simple for customers to measure portions using a replaceable box lid. The concept of incorporating the portion measure is unique to the sector, solving a consumer problem and helping the brand to stand out from its competitors.

Dave Ellerington, Head of Design & Innovation and Business Development at DS Smith Packaging UK & Ireland said: “It’s been excellent to work with Veetee who share our goal of reducing the use of harmful plastics and giving consumers truly sustainable options. We were able to use our unique circular design principles and metrics in the development of this design to ensure the final product is convenient for customers as well as being sustainable. 

“Our work with Veetee has once again been able to show how packaging is vital for brands who are looking to become more circular and reduce their environmental impact”.

James Brett, Marketing Director for Veetee Group said: “Working with DS Smith to create our industry-leading rice box has allowed us to achieve our goal of selling our product that is a premium, sustainable solution and disruptive on the shelf. We’re also proud to be providing an enhanced customer experience through the box’s unique portion measure, meaning the packaging helps our brand stand out from the crowd”.

The pack has been developed to be filled on Veetee’s fully automated packing lines and within its existing footprint to maximise and improve supply chain efficiency. Following design, development, and manufacturing in the UK, the rice box was first launched in the US in May 2021 before being sold in major UK supermarkets.

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