GE to test consumer interest in new brightly-colored fridges

Posted on 13 Jan 2015 by Tim Brown

GE is experimenting with colored consumer electronics at an affordable price point, which is nearly unheard of in the appliance industry.

The company is producing refrigerators that involve a ‘pop of color’ — Cupcake Blue and Red Pepper — colors determined by an online consumer poll.

The GE Artistry refrigerator will be available in early January in limited quantities at three retailers in the US in Omaha (Nebraska), Salt Lake City (Utah) and Parker (Colorado).

“Consumers who want a pop of color or something that just stands out will be drawn to these new colors,” said Lou Lenzi, director of GE’s industrial design operation. “The new color choices from GE give consumers more opportunity to personalize their kitchen in a way that’s been traditionally reserved for high-end appliances.”

The response to the light blue and bold red colored fridges in these markets will determine whether GE will go into full-scale production to offer the new colors on a national scale. The colorful refrigerators will be available in early January

“We’ve partnered with three great retail partners who like to experiment,” said Lenzi. “These retailers are having success with the Artistry line, so their showrooms are perfect locations to see if this trend toward more colorful appliances is ready for mainstream.”