Government should “prioritise manufacturing” says ICE

Posted on 10 Feb 2015 by Victoria Fitzgerald

Today, the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) published a manifesto urging politicians to place manufacturing at the top of the political agenda for the forthcoming election.

The paper also calls on political leaders to ensure the next UK government focuses on an infrastructure plan for the long-term.

The announcement puts forward 10 key policies that the ICE believe the political parties should follow.

These key areas include:

  • Independent infrastructure
  • Fast progress on the Davies airports commission
  • Better collaboration with local government to work through the road maintenance backlog

Specifically the manifesto urges government to “future-proof” new infrastructure, address flood risk management and create a resource management office.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg speaking with Cartwright apprentices in 2013.
The ICE is calling for better quality apprenticeships.

The ICE is calling on energy market reform to enhance the decarbonisation of electricity and manage the rising costs of energy.

Additionally, the paper calls for better apprenticeships and more effective Ofsted inpections to improve the teaching of STEM subjects.

Nick Baveystock, ICE Director General, said: “Infrastructure is the foundation of all modern societies – it not only boosts GDP and job creation but regenerates communities, connects people and places and equips future generations with desirable skills.”