Grant Thornton & TM: Clever collaboration

Posted on 31 Aug 2016 by The Manufacturer

Grant Thornton and The Manufacturer have joined forces. Neil Barrell and Alan Dale provide insight into this unique union.

“Change is the only constant” perfectly encapsulates the manufacturing sector, which is frequently transformed by technological advances, changes in the political climate and shifts in consumer behaviour.

In an environment where innovation fuels growth, it is important to embraceGrant Thornton - Neil Barrell & Alan Dale change and make it work for you. This need has driven the collaboration between The Manufacturer and Grant Thornton.

We are a forward looking advisory firm helping businesses navigate through and embrace change, and optimise their business processes to unlock sustainable growth and fuel a Vibrant Economy.

For Grant Thornton this means to have a focus on manufacturers, and help them deliver growth to the economy.

This collaboration is born out of the common goals that Grant Thornton and The Manufacturer have, and at the forefront of these stands the desire and willingness to reshape the manufacturing sector in the UK by helping organisations to thrive and restore the balance to the UK economy.

We firmly believe that a comprehensive manufacturing strategy is fundamental for any organisation that aims to contribute to a Vibrant Economy.

In a series of articles to be featured in subsequent issues of The Manufacturer, we will be covering themes, such as:

  1. Achieving operational excellence
  2. Accessing liquidity and optimising working capital
  3. The role of technology in growing your business
  4. Managing and prospering during uncertainty
  5. Prioritising effort of the finance function
  6. Creating high performing teams

It is a time of great uncertainty for our economy and as the post-Brexit tremors continue to spread, businesses must prepare to adapt to the waves of change that may threaten to rock their foundations.

At Grant Thornton we have a Business Consulting team that has both deep sector and subject matter expertise across all aspects of businesses operations, supported by young dynamic teams, working together to bring cross sector best practices and innovation to our clients in order to help them realise their full potential.

Our operational advisory team is a prime example of passion and dedication to the industry. Most of the team held senior roles with a number of manufacturers prior to joining Grant Thornton to help even more manufacturers achieve their full potential and see again revenue growth and increasing profitability year on year.

We are proud and excited by our collaboration with The Manufacturer to reshape the manufacturing sector and keen to see where this journey takes us.

If you want to be part of this journey and help us create a Vibrant Economy, please follow us on the link: