Green taxes for cars in 2008 Budget?

Posted on 11 Mar 2008 by The Manufacturer

There are suggestions that Alistair Darling’s Budget speech may introduce a series of taxes in order to prompt consumers to opt for greener cars.

The taxes, expected to apply to both new and used cars, may result in an extra £2,000 added to the cost of the worst environment –offending vehicles.

Currently, UK consumers are attracted primarily by price, closely followed by such factors as make, model, mileage and colour, with environmental considerations coming in at a disappointing 10th on the list.

“Our report suggested that, left to their own devices, little is going to change UK motorists habits,” said Tim Naylor, public relations manager for British Car Auctions (BCA). “However, we may be beginning to see some ‘green shoots’ of environmental awareness. While our consumer survey revealed that just 4 per cent of private motorists considered green issues when buying their last used car, this was double last year’s figure. Perhaps the measures predicted to be announced in this week’s Budget will make green intentions more of a reality.”