Happy 40th birthday Michelin!

Posted on 2 Nov 2012 by The Manufacturer

Michelin’s tyre manufacturing facility in Dundee celebrates 40-years in operation.

Michelin’s Dundee plant, which turned 40 this week, manufactures around seven million tyres a year and employs around 800 staff including 25 apprentices.

But amid the celebration the Scottish factory is not without its concerns.

Planned investment of £50 million in the plant has been postponed due to the poor economy. This includes a delay in the creation of 140 new jobs at the site.

A further sign of concern came in May this year when the plant was closed for three weeks.

The Dundee site’s personnel manager Ian Peart assured however, that plans for investment and growth remain on track, if a little behind schedule.

“What we need to do is just recognise that the rate of change of progress may slow because of the demands on the markets,” he said.

“But we need to be confident that we’re ready when the markets pull and that we have the people and the equipment ready to exploit the market when the world economy does pick up.”