HARTING launch series of webinars to showcase industrial technologies

Posted on 22 May 2020 by The Manufacturer

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused significant worldwide disruption and one area which has been particularly affected is that of exhibitions and events. HARTING have always placed a great emphasis on trade shows, using them as an opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face and showcase new products and solutions.

With exhibitions postponed for the foreseeable future, HARTING have organised a series of webinars across a range of topics to enable us to deliver our latest innovations to you.

So, read on to learn more about the HARTING Experts Camp, where our specialists will introduce cutting-edge products, time-saving solutions and technologies for designing the future.

HARTING Experts Camp - The Manufacturer


Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are creating new requirements for industrial communication. Industrial Ethernet is adaptable, flexible and perfectly suited to meet these requirements, making it a key driver of success in industrial digitalisation.

Industrial Ethernet Trends looks at the latest developments in this field and what the future holds. We will be casting the spotlight on Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), a ground-breaking new communication technology.

Up until now, industrial Ethernet has only been able to reach the control level before it needs to switch to BUS systems via gateways. SPE allows equipment to connect via end-to-end IP-based communications right up into the field level.

As a result, Ethernet interfaces can now be integrated onto simple sensors, cameras, reading/ID devices or similar equipment.

The topic of Miniaturisation will also be covered as we introduce the ix Industrial®, a robust Ethernet interface to provide the next generation of compact products with perfect high data transmission rates.

This new connector is designed to meet the expanding data, signal and power requirements of compact sensors, cameras and automation equipment without taking up too much of the limited installation space available.

With many of us now working from home, the Digital Services webinar will be particularly useful, especially for those who work in the field of design.

This presentation will focus on the Han® Configurator, an online 3D tool which allows you to design and build a connector that meets your exact requirements. The configurator already allows you to see a 3D visualisation of your design and download documentation, including STP files, so this webinar will focus on the cost and time saving benefits of the new customisation features.

Two topics, Digital Solutions and Logistics Solutions, will focus on edge computing and RFID products. Our MICA edge computing device supports the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions such as predictive maintenance, energy monitoring and flexible production, using real-time information from the shop floor.

RFID allows you to digitally monitor the physical location of items and assets. It is extremely flexible and can be used in a variety of environments, such as hospitals to track the sterilisation history of medical equipment and within train maintenance to identify individual components such as axles or wheels.

Within logistics, RFID transponders enable you to track goods throughout the warehouse, ensure products are stored in the correct location and check that goods tally exactly with the transport order. These processes make sure the correct items are loaded onto the correct truck, helping to eliminate incorrect deliveries.