How ERP can power our Movers and Makers

Posted on 17 Oct 2019 by The Manufacturer

UK manufacturing is thriving ‐ despite economic and political uncertainty. British businesses are among the most innovative in the world, investing significant sums into R&D and embracing new technologies to compete on the global stage.

For 40 years, SYSPRO ERP has been driving efficiencies, boosting productivity and exploiting new technologies. Its new ‘Movers and Makers‘ campaign celebrates UK’s manufacturers, engineers and logistics companies.

While the debate rages about our future relationship with Europe, our Movers and Makers continue driving the UK economy.

Manufacturing generates 11% of GVA, accounts for 44% of total exports and is at the forefront of delivering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Made Smarter Statistics - Through digital technologies, the UK manufacturing sector could ...

The government’s Made Smarter Review estimates that industrial digitalisation could increase productivity by more than 25% by 2025. Many manufacturers are already implementing new ERP systems and processes to super‐charge their businesses and SYSPRO sits at the heart of that process.

K3 Syspro is SYSPRO’s only European authorised reseller and knows first‐hand how innovative Britain’s Movers and Makers are and how they recognise the need to facilitate new ways of working though the transformative powers of ERP.

To exploit innovation and emerging technologies, the Movers and Makers of Great Britain need centralised systems which put data at the heart of their decision making.

Having business‐critical information available anywhere at the touch of a button means business leaders have full visibility of their operation and can use that insight to drive efficiencies, boost productivity and steal a march on the competition.

6 Key ERP Considerations for Your Business

K3 Syspro - 6 Key ERP Considerations for Your Business Whitepaper - Front CoverSYSPRO believes in less words and more work, less promises and more deliveries, less intentions and more inventions.

It’s this philosophy that drives their commitment to providing industry-built ERP software that helps you do more – and do it faster, smarter, more efficiently and effectively.

If you’re a Mover or Maker in the manufacturing or distribution sectors, download the ‘6 Key ERP Considerations for Your Business’ Whitepaper now.


K3 Syspro works with an array of different industry sectors and has spent years understanding their drivers and pain points. For instance, the future of the UK automotive sector is dependent on embracing innovation and delivering new electrified and automated vehicles.

The automotive sector already contributes £16.5bn in GVA and is exploring ways to future‐proof its operations.

According to Make UK’s latest Automotive Sector Bulletin, the industry spent £3.4bn on R&D in 2016. By using SYSPRO manufacturers can exploit new business models such as those with a heavy focus on R&D.

CROP - intellectual property digital economy innovation light bulb - image courtesy of Depositphotos

K3 Syspro ERP provides the digital infrastructure required to boost output per hour, develop new products and adapt to a changing market. Its suite of solutions is designed specifically to meet the needs of manufacturers and the latest release, SYSPRO 8, marks a new era for ERP development.

SYSPRO 8 allows Movers and Makers to optimise performance, implement best practice, and guarantee compliance. It is accessible both on premise or via the cloud and connects users to a range of emerging technologies, including AI and IoT.

Actionable Insights supports strategic decision-making with real‐time data, while SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management solution checks the health of every business operation.

The user‐friendly system supports staff buy‐in through a digital assistant and its collaborative social media platform, Harmony. The SYSPRO Avanti web interface gives users the freedom to work where and when they choose from an interface which can be customised to meet individual requirements.

CROP - Automating the Supply Chain

As manufacturers strive to build resilience, SYSPRO’s centralised system helps everyone within the supply chain share knowledge and work more collaboratively.

From production planning and scheduling, to purchasing and invoicing, it supports a more coherent approach to manufacturing which tracks jobs and materials at every stage of their journey.

The Blanket Sales Order and Releases module can be tailored to meet the needs of specific sectors, while sales quotas and smarter use of data means operations budgets are forecast far more accurately. SYSPRO’s inventory forecasting and serial tracking systems forecast, record and replenish inventories, while engineering control applications offer the means to transform operations.

The UK’s Movers and Makers have never been afraid to break new ground, embrace innovation and turn challenges into opportunities. They must flex with the market and today’s uncertain climate requires them to be more agile than ever. SYSPRO 8 helps businesses digitise quickly, affordably and with minimum disruption.

Selecting the right ERP provider can seem daunting, but K3 Syspro stands out from the crowd by putting people at the heart of the process. SYSPRO ERP has helped more than 15,000 licenced companies in more than 60 countries over the past four decades.

The company partners with customers to provide long‐term advice and guidance, from its initial discovery sessions, through training and implementation, meaning that Movers and Makers can focus on what they do best.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to empower your Movers and Makers through digital resilience:

K3 Syspro will be taking this positive message of ERP supporting the manufacturing industry to Smart Factory Expo at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool on the 13-14 November.

The ERP provider will be on stand F46 offering help and advice for the UK’s Movers and Makers.


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