How prepared are UK manufacturers for Industry 4.0?

Posted on 9 May 2016 by Jonny Williamson

Manufacturers are being urged to take a simple new test to check how cyber aware they are with industry on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0).

The test was created after new research revealed that companies could be unknowingly leaving themselves vulnerable to a cyber-attack, with smaller businesses particularly at risk.

EEF’s findings show that just under half (46%) of manufacturers have failed to increase their investment in cyber security in the past two years. Among small manufacturers this rises to 56%.

Are UK manufacturers ready for Industry 4.0?

The Manufacturer Industry 4.0 UK Readiness Report – carried out by The Manufacturer, and sponsored by Oracle – determines the answer to such a question.

Download a copy of the report here.

Two in ten firms (20%) are not actively making employees aware of cyber risks, while less than six in ten (56%) say cyber security is given serious attention by their board.

This is of concern because manufacturing is on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution driven by rapid advances and take up in technology, which will bring huge opportunities, but also risks.

Dubbed Industry 4.0, this next industrial transformation will see ever greater reliance on data. Eight in ten manufacturers (80%) say that Industry 4.0 will be a business reality within the next ten years, making it vital that they get the right systems and security measures in place now.

Government figures show that, last year, 90% of large businesses and 74% of small businesses reported a cyber security breach – an increase on 2014. The average cost of these breaches was between £1.46m to £3.14m for a large firm, and £75k to £311k for a small business.

EEF’s free online test will help companies to benchmark their cyber awareness. They will also find useful information and links to further advice so that they can bring themselves up-to-speed.

Chris Richards, senior business environment policy adviser, EEF.
Chris Richards, senior business environment policy adviser, EEF.

EEF’s senior policy adviser, Chris Richards commented: “As technology and data play ever more critical roles in manufacturing, companies will inevitably find themselves more vulnerable to cyber threats.

“As the industry body, we think it’s vital to start raising awareness now so that manufacturers can plan for the cyber risks associated with the fourth industrial revolution.

He continued: “The fact is that technology will transform our industry, opening up immense opportunities and possibilities.

“But risks run alongside the rewards and it’s important that manufacturers are able to identify, understand and put the correct strategies in place to keep their businesses safe and cyber secure.

“There are also many other barriers that could see Britain losing out on investment in 4IR technologies. This is why we are looking to bring industry together to collectively identify the major barriers to the next industrial age.”

Is your site secure and ready for the transformation of industry? Take EEF’s quiz to find out here.

An infographic on cyber security and Industry 4.0 can be downloaded here