Hydrovane to supply 600 compressors for London buses

Posted on 25 Oct 2013 by The Manufacturer

Worcestershire firm Hydrovane has been selected to power pneumatic systems on-board all 600 of the hybrid-powered London buses set to be rolled out next year.

The company was selected by Wrightbus, manufacturer of the New Bus for London (NBFL), to custom-design compressor packages at its Redditch facility.

It will provide a lightweight and quiet performance, in a compact unit capable of being integrated easily in to the new bus design.

The NBFL has adopted green diesel-electric hybrid technology, with a turbodiesel generator providing power to the bus’s batteries, which in turn power the Hydrovane compressor on board.

Each bus has three separate doors alongside all of the other air systems, so air demand is considerable, but the compressor unit easily provides all of the pneumatic power demanded.

This includes air for the brakes, door mechanisms and the ability for the bus access-platform to lower to kerb level; a legal requirement to enable easy passenger accessibility.

Its manufacturer, Wrightbus, has developed the vehicle to accommodate the maximum number of passengers, meaning available ancillary equipment room is at a premium and required Hydrovane to design a compact solution to be installed underneath the front stairwell.