Ice cream manufacturer poised for growth

Posted on 7 Jul 2015 by Victoria Fitzgerald

York-based ice manufacturer, Yorvale, has increased its production capacity with funding from the Leeds City Region (LEP).

The firm will use the funds to covert a former barn into a cold store room, implement water saving technologies and hire three new members of staff.

The £30,000 funding from LEP is an addition to a £124,600 existing investment.

The total £154,600 paid for a water storage unit installed which collects 1.6 million litres of waste water that is stored for six months. The water is then converted into organic fertilizer and sprayed onto the land.

The firm has invested a total of £154,600 to upgrade the facility.

Roger Marsh, chairperson of the LEP said: “We are thrilled to have been able to assist Yorvale in this strategic investment.

“Yorvale ice cream is a well-loved Yorkshire business and the LEP is pleased to have provided a grant to support employment in one of the region’s key sectors.”

Lesley Buxton, founder, said: “The grant was welcomed by the business as it was necessary for the large investment we made.

“We would recommend the LEP to any businesses within the area who are looking to grow.”

Iain and Lesley Buxton started Yorvale in 1989 using surplus milk from their cows to make ice cream.