IET event to give insight into resource efficiency

Posted on 5 Aug 2013

This year's IET Sustainable Manufacturing Symposium will concentrate on resource efficiency.

The manufacturing sector is increasingly making an effort to reduce its energy consumption, not only to help satisfy the greenhouse reduction goal (Europe intends to reduce its emissions by 20% by 2020), but also to reduce Europe’s dependency on fossil fuel and the subsequent rise in energy price and levy.

Great improvements have been demonstrated, methods for improvement are being shared and examples of practice are being published. Many companies are reporting significant progress and it is now easy to find companies posting double-digit year-on-year results in resource efficiency, particularly with respect to energy.

The 2013 Sustainable Manufacturing Symposium aims to bring together leaders from the manufacturing community, including industry and academia, to uncover the strategic priorities of industry, learn from the achievements made to date, explore the environmental, social and economic challenges as well as to discuss how to address these going forward.

The event will uncover thought leadership and how leaders are embedding sustainability throughout their organisations to address significant future challenges. It is about addressing the challenges of energy, water and wider resource scarcity as well as social and ethical advancement.

Speakers include Joe McNamara, lean manufacturing manager at Jaguar Land Rover; Nigel Davies, manufacturing and sustainability director at Muntons; Laura Porcu and Cham Kang from Lindhurst Engineering; David McCombe, manufacturing director at Crown Paints; and Gareth Stace, head of climate and environment policy at manufacturers’ organisation EEF.

This is a joint event between The Institution of Engineering and Technology, The Manufacturer magazine, The Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Cranfield University. Admission cost is £80 + VAT.

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