Indra set to showcase latest innovations and make major V2H announcement at Fully Charged LIVE

Posted on 21 Apr 2022 by The Manufacturer

Indra, a leading British smart energy technology business, will be showcasing its latest products and software innovations at this year’s Fully Charged LIVE show, which takes place from Friday 29 April to Sunday 1 May at Farnborough International.

Visitors to the Indra stand, J20, will have the chance to see the industry’s smartest and most reliable EV charger, talk to Indra’s technical experts, interact with Indra’s new app and crack the code to win a fully installed Smart PRO. Indra’s founder and CTO, Mike Schooling, will also be announcing a major new Vehicle-to-Home project at the show and participating in a live theatre session at 2pm on Friday 29 April.

Mike Schooling, Founder and CTO at Indra, comments: “I founded Indra with a desire to create the best smart energy products on the market and develop technology that focuses on delivering the most sustainable energy solutions. With unrivalled reliability, our high-quality EV chargers are not only smart for customers but deliver maximum results for the grid and minimal impact on the environment. Indra is growing at a rapid pace and we have an exciting year ahead with the launch of a large scale V2H project, as well as a suite of new products and software technologies. Our 2022 plans will ensure we remain a leader in the smart energy sector and support the wider green movement.”

Indra’s current EV smart chargers enable electric car and van drivers to access the cheapest and most convenient home and office charging. Credit: Indra

Indra’s current EV smart chargers enable electric car and van drivers to access the cheapest and most convenient home and office charging. Credit: Indra

Pioneering technology

V2H is an evolution of vehicle to grid (V2G) technology. Indra developed the world’s first fully certified V2G product in 2018 and this was used to carry out the largest UK trial of the technology to date. The technology enables a bi-directional flow of energy between the vehicle’s battery and the Grid. This means that energy can be purchased (imported) from the Grid when it is cheapest to do so (off peak) and then any excess energy from the car can be sold back to the grid at peak demand – and be paid for it. This not only saves money, but it also helps the Grid balance its load and avoid the need to use extra fossil fuels to meet peak demand.

V2H uses the same principal as V2G but instead of exporting surplus energy to the grid, it can be used to power the home. The car battery essentially becomes a personal energy storage facility and can be used all around the home from cooking, running the washing machine, charging mobile devices or even heating the shower. With rising energy costs and increasing demand on the grid, this is a game-changing technology to help manage the energy ecosystem in the future.

Mike Schooling will also be participating in a live panel session in the Mega Theatre at 2pm on Friday 29, hosted by Fully Charge LIVE’s own founder Robert Llewellyn, to debate the opportunities for Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology, which enables EVs to be used as portable battery storage devices.

Smart by name, smart by nature

Indra will be showcasing its leading electric car and van chargers, for cheaper, faster home charging, as well its game-changing, bi-directional Vehicle-to-Home technology at the show.

Indra’s Smart PRO is a British designed, engineered and manufactured high-quality smart EV charger with industry leading reliability. Key smart charging features include off-peak charging for cheaper prices as well as solar matching, enabling those with solar panels to send their free energy to their cars. Users simply choose when they want their car ready and the Indra charger creates an optimised personal charging schedule each time the car is plugged in. The boost button lets users override their schedule if plans change and they need to charge their vehicle as quickly as possible.

Indra will also be showcasing its newly developed native App. Visitors to the stand will be invited to preview the company’s best-in-class app, designed to help users take control of their home charging by scheduling their smartest charging window, keep track of charging history and minimising their charging costs.

Calling all bright sparks

Visitors will also have the chance to win a fully installed Indra Smart PRO at the show. Sealed in a box on the stand, all visitors need to do is ‘crack the code’ by entering the correct four-digit sequence and unlock the box. One of Indra’s nationwide installer partners, Plug Me In, will be providing a full home installation* and commissioning service for the lucky winner.

Indra’s brightest sparks will be on hand through the show to answer any smart charging queries, however simple or complex, at the stand’s Tech Bar.