Industrial Data Summit: Gain insight at scale

Posted on 14 Feb 2018 by The Manufacturer

The Manufacturer has launched a dedicated Industrial Data Summit, offering executives and decision-makers a unique platform to ask and debate the questions that matter most to their businesses.

Industrial Data Summit Big Data Digital - image courtesy of Depositphotos.
Manufacturing leaders believe that leveraging data will be the biggest driver of business and productivity growth in 2018 and the years ahead – image courtesy of Depositphotos.

For 10 years The Manufacturer has successfully run the UK’s largest Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit. Manufacturing leaders throughout the UK have had the opportunity to develop networks and gain insight in understanding current trends.

Last year, our summit attendees told us that leveraging data will be the biggest driver of business and productivity growth in 2018 and the years ahead.

This unique insight has propelled The Manufacturer to give the people what they want – a dedicated, manufacturers-only Industrial Data Summit.

To discover the greatest challenges and opportunities when it comes to managing industrial data, we have collected research from more than 100 manufacturers from a range of sectors and business sizes.

This first-hand, real-world research directly influenced the four overarching themes that Industrial Data Summit will reflect on, including:

  1. Data collection – gathering and measuring information from a variety of sources to get a complete and accurate picture of a given area of interest.

“I want to know how people are gathering data and then turning this into value add. What is the best process for deciding which data to collect?” Andrew Carroll, Head of Manufacturing Engineering A350, Airbus

  1. Data management – capture and analyse your data through systems that meet your business needs.

“I am keen to find out how different industries manage data from their manufacturing pipelines, and how that data is leveraged to make better, faster decisions,” Hassan Khalid, Data Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline

  1. Data Insight – insights gained through analytics are powerful, and can be used to grow your business while identifying areas of opportunity.

“I would like to get a better understanding of data analytics i.e. what do we do with the data, what are the affordable tools available for predictive analysis?” Mohammed Zameer, Vice President Industry 4.0, GKN Driveline

  1. Data security – protecting digital data from destructive forces and from the unwanted actions of unauthorized users, such as a cyberattack or a data breach.

“I’m interested in learning – and overcoming – difficulties in collecting data across diverse system, as well as the opportunities, issues and vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity domain,” Andrew Carr, Chief Engineer Torpedoes, BAE Systems Maritime

When: 18 April 2018

Where: London

Why: Industrial Data Summit is the UK’s largest gathering of data professionals – 120 data-minded executives from the UK’s largest automotive, aerospace, defence, electronics, pharma, and food, coming together to talk about the role of big data in their businesses.

Its innovative interactive discussion format sits decision-makers alongside some of the world’s most sophisticated industrial users of data and leading experts from world-class technology companies, allowing you to ask the questions that matter most to your business.

Who: CDOs, CIOs, CTOs, and Heads of Operations, Manufacturing, Engineering and/or Production.

Secure your place: Be part of the conversation and register for you place today.