IoT kit aims to connect ARMy of intelligent devices to the cloud

Posted on 24 Feb 2015 by Jonny Williamson

Today has seen ARM launch the ARM® mbed™ IoT Starter Kit - Ethernet Edition to channel data from internet-connected devices directly into IBM's Bluemix cloud platform, allowing fast prototyping of new smart products and unique value-added services.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Starter Kit consists of an ARM mbed-enabled development board from Freescale, powered by an ARM Cortex®-M4 based processor, together with a sensor IO application shield.

Combining a secure sensor environment by ARM, with cloud-based analytics, mobile and application resources from IBM, the first products developed using the kit are expected to enter the market sometime in 2015.

Future versions of the kit will run the new ARM mbed OS and utilize ARM mbed Device Server software to deliver a wider range of efficient security, communication and device management features.

Building on the momentum of recent announcements such as IBM’s IoT Foundation and the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform, ARM and IBM will continue to work together on interoperable, open, secure and scalable connectivity between devices and the cloud.

ARM’s IoT business GM, Krisztian Flautner commented: “Securely embedding intelligence and connectivity into devices from the outset will create cloud-connected products that are far more capable than today.

Smart cities, businesses and homes capable of sharing rich information about their surroundings will be critical in unlocking the potential of IoT. The ARM IoT Starter Kit will accelerate the availability of connected devices by making product and service prototyping faster and easier.”

ARM® mbed™ IoT Starter Kit - Ethernet Edition
ARM® mbed™ IoT Starter Kit – Ethernet Edition (image courtesy of ARM).

IBM’s VP for IoT, Meg Divitto added: “The IoT is about bringing the physical and digital worlds closer together, to allow businesses to better understand and interact with what is happening around them.

“In order to make this work, it needs to be simple to connect physical devices into the cloud, and to build applications and insights around them. IBM Bluemix and the new ARM mbed starter kit are designed to substantially enhance that effort.”

Today’s announcement marks a significant collaboration between ARM and IBM. The jointly developed Starter Kit offers Ethernet connectivity, with possible future versions also being looked at for cellular, wi-fi and Thread™. ARM is talking to leading global electronics distributors to package and market the Starter Kit.

Freescale’s John Dixon, director of marketing, noted: “From the edge node through the network to the cloud, Freescale technology is powering emerging IoT applications with secure, embedded processing solutions for the Internet of Tomorrow.

“This partnership enables those developing IoT applications to add intelligence to everyday items and quickly see their designs come to life.”