Jaguar’s Birmingham staff offered stint at Halewood

Posted on 9 Dec 2011 by Tim Brown

The Birmingham Post has reported that Jaguar workers in Birmingham are being offered an all expenses temporary relocation over the Christmas period to Liverpool to help meet growing demand for the Range Rover Evoque.

Dozens of workers from the Castle Bromwich factory are expected to take advantage of the offer of a week’s work at Jaguar Land Rover’s Halewood plant.

“There’s a lot of men at Castle Bromwich who would love a week away from their wives in the run-up to Christmas to get them out of the shopping,” said one of the workers.

Workers could also be switched to Solihull to meet continuing demand for Land Rover products, with sales of Jaguar cars down by a third in November to 924 while Land Rover sales were up more than 25% to 3,162.

Despite the interest due to the offer being made around the Christmas period, a spokesman for Jaguar Land Rover said that “balancing variations to meet current and future demand is part of our everyday operational practice”.