K3 Syspro guides firms to embrace Industry 4.0

Posted on 16 Oct 2016 by The Manufacturer

K3 Syspro, a leading provider of advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for manufacturers and supply chain across the UK, has released an eBook to help companies stay ahead of the competition in a disruptive and fast evolving marketplace.

With manufacturing going through an ‘industrial revolution’ – brought about by the rise in data volumes; the emergence of sophisticated business analytics; human-machine collaboration, advanced automation, and additive manufacturing; it’s no wonder that many manufacturers and distributors are finding it difficult to navigate through the jargon and understand how to integrate business technology systems to drive better performance.

The K3 Syspro eBook, How to manufacture a smarter factory with SYSPRO ERP, can be downloaded from the K3 Syspro website.

According to K3 Syspro, businesses need to embrace the new industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, or risk falling behind.

But the question asked by many business leaders is how?

Integrating systems and processes can seem complicated, a perception that K3 Syspro is keen to dispel with the launch of its eBook – How to manufacture a smarter factory with SYSPRO ERP.

The eBook has been designed to take the confusion out of Industry 4.0 and technology advancements, answering the difficult ‘how’ question through expert advice and real-life business examples.

Managing director of K3 Syspro, Cathie Hall explained: “We are providing an expert’s guide for companies to stay ahead of the competition in a disruptive and fast evolving marketplace.

Cathie Hall, managing director, K3 Syspro
Cathie Hall, managing director, K3 Syspro

“Industry 4.0 is creating unprecedented opportunities for businesses to connect with each other in real time. For UK manufacturers, understanding how Industry 4.0 is revolutionising business models, is crucial in creating smarter, better integrated and successful manufacturers.”

TM Smart Factory Expo

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K3 Syspro is exhibiting at The Manufacturer Smart Factory Expo, the UK’s only dedicated exhibition in response to Industry 4.0.

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