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Posted on 9 Nov 2015 by Tim Brown

Below is a wrap up of the most recent posts in the 'Activity - All' section of the Automation Advisory Board Thought Leadership Network (AABTLN).

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IoT Internet of Things1. Lack of ownership holding back manufacturers adoption of IoT

Uncertainty over who will drive an organisation’s Internet of Things (IoT) strategy is impeding adoption, says a new global survey launched today by Infor.

The survey reveals that the transition to IoT is well underway for global manufacturers, with 10% of responding manufacturers claiming they already have an established IoT project underway.

Also, don’t miss your chance to download both the survey results and the full IoT report from Infor.

Automation-Market2.  Dell OEM’s strategic foray into the Industrial Automaiton and the Internet of Things

Glen Burrows of @DellOEM discusses how they focus on developing customer solutions in IoT and industrial automation.

According to Dell OEM Solutions, APJ Area Vice President, Glen Burrows, while much of these technologies are still being defined, Dell and its strategic partners are focusing on and developing solutions that address their customers’ complex needs today.

Samsung will team up with the South Korean government to develop manufacturing robots. Image courtesy of Samsung.

3. Korea teams up with Samsung to build factory robots

South Korea is the fourth largest market in the world for robots and is set to get bigger.

The target of the new announcement will be the development of a new generation of ‘high-precision’ workplace robots able to manufacture high-end consumer electronics, such as mobile phones and tablet computers.

The Automation Advisory Board Thought Leadership Network (AABLN)

The goal of the Automation Advisory Board Thought Leadership Network (AABTLN) is to educate the owners, managers and factory directors about what automation equipment can do and the benefits it can bring to UK manufacturers.

Automation needs to rise to board level in companies of all sizes, but especially larger SMEs where the capital equipment could make a profound difference to winning contracts. Companies in non-auto sectors, who are unfamiliar with the range, capability and simplicity of automation kit, need to and deserve to know what automation options are available.

The clear aim of AABTLN is to ensure that over the next five years the majority of UK manufacturing businesses perceive automation as an integral component of their growth strategy.

With innovations in the space of automation happening at a frightening pace, coupled with an evolving consumer landscape that demands greater levels of customisation and shorted lead times, UK manufacturing must move towards greater levels of automation.

The AABTLN is here to provide the platform for further investigation into the feasibility of such projects as well as provide a valuable benchmarking opportunity to those who wish to keep their finger on the pulse.