Lipstick in logistics

Posted on 9 Mar 2009 by The Manufacturer

A new organisation – Women in Logistics (UK) – has been set up to increase female participation in the trade and to act as a networking link.

According to the group, only 22% of logistics jobs in the UK are held by Women. This compares with an average of 46% in British industries overall. In addition, only 10% of management jobs in the trade are held by women.

The group’s aim is to increase the number of women in the sector and to address the gender imbalance issue. Objectives include offering support and mentoring for younger professionals, advice and encouragement to those entering the industry and providing personal development and support for members. It will also offer networking through both online and traditional meetings.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport UK, Freight Transport Association, Road Haulage Association and the UK Warehousing Association have all already voiced their support for WIL UK.

Lynn Parnell, a steering group member, told TM: “Year ago women might not have been physically suited to the working conditions that the logistics industry demanded. This, coupled with old social values, made this very much ‘a man’s industry’. However neither of these issues should be a factor today; technology means the physical demands have been suppressed while people now recognise that equal opportunities should exist.

“Yet still we see these figures and still we have members coming to us and telling us they feel their opportunities in this sector are dampened because of their gender. We have set up this group to give women in logistics the voice they deserve.”

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