Macedonia courting British manufacturers for investment

Posted on 19 Jul 2013 by The Manufacturer

Invest Macedonia, the initiative set up by the country's government, landed in the UK this week as it looks to attract British manufacturers to the Balkan state.

Government representatives held events in Liverpool Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield before coming to London yesterday to promote Macedonia as an attractive place for British companies to do business.

Macedonian deputy Prime Minister Zoran Stavreski, addressing attendees from the world of industry, finance and tourism at a briefing in Canary Wharf, said there has never been a better time for British companies to invest in the country.

Macedonia Deputy Prime Minister and the Head of Invest Macedonia for the UK elaborate on the business environment in Macedonia to potential British investors

“There are a lot of good opportunities for British investors in the country, taking into account the attractive tax package and business climate which shows continuous sustainability,” he said.

“There is also a very big pool of very well educated people and they are the biggest capital for companies as they will be there for a long time.”

Visar Fida, the CEO of Invest Macedonia, pointed towards the government providing up to €500,000 grant for companies looking to build a new facility, and cited American giant Johnson Controls setting up in Macedonia.

The country, which is seeking EU membership, has undergone a number of changes to its business, tax and educational policies in recent years.

After the introduction of a flat tax rate of 10% in 2006 accompanied by the signing of a free trade agreement with all EU members, the government has invested heavily in technical skills and education to eradicate a skills deficit.

“In the last few years we have increased investment in technical skills so we have a ready made workforce ready and capable to meet the requirements of potential investors,” Mr Fisa added.