Managing product data – Standout, win business and reduce operating costs

Posted on 22 Sep 2020 by The Manufacturer

Winning business is becoming ever more intertwined with content. So companies need to understand data and assets to offer context, reassurance and advice to their customers.

Winning business is becoming ever more intertwined with content. In the past, the commerce world used to function using a strategy where companies controlled which products they sold. They used to select and publish the information they thought would keep consumers interested and engaged. Consumers, having little choice, bought into whatever businesses were offering.

Today, consumers have a world of resources at their fingertips. With a slew of new tools brought by the internet at their disposal, they are no longer passive, voiceless bystanders, waiting for a brand to hand them products they don’t need. This means that today’s brands face challenges beyond satisfying the demands of their consumers.

Concretely, what does that mean? 

Consumers now hold more power than ever before; they have started to transform the commerce world with demands for tailor-made, personalized content based on their unique needs and preferences.

As a consequence, competing for qualitative digital marketing space will become more difficult.  Many brands have made the disruptive decision to shift their business strategy—from door to desktop, from a salesperson to social media, and now from product to experience.

This is where data and digital assets take priority.  The responsibility of data and assets to offer context, reassurance and advice is now a must.

Is being agile, creative and relevant with data and assets costly?

True and false. True, if a company tries to simply extend its current processes.  More resource will be needed to get more done, which in turn exposes the business to potential data errors.  False, if you approach the problem using a different model.  Many companies and are now exploring how a PIM solution can help them find the agility to create relevant and tangible product context.  That will inevitably drive better customer experience and sales.

Businesses using a PIM (Product Information Management) solution have seen approximately 50% reductions in operational costs (opex) aligned to product data and management (both IT and resource). All the while being able to push data globally and localized in its best state in a fraction of time. A leading advocate of such an approach claims that their business has reduced their seasonal product launches (globally) from 3 months to 1-2 weeks by using a PIM tool.


Documented Business outcomes:

  • Become more agile with product marketing content
  • Align relevant products to current trends whilst taking advantage of social channels and search
  • Experiment or extend into new regional markets in a fraction of the time.
  • Build trust and reassurance with your clients
  • Leverage new marketing and sales channels with low cost and effort
  • Provide a foundational platform for their product strategy and IT architecture
  • Reduce costs on returns and customer services
  • Selling more
  • Have single source of truth for analytics relating to product data

Find Out How to Calculate the ROI of a PIM Solution.

PIM supported by real-world success stories

Several businesses have already adopted a PIM approach to managing their data. Let us give you some examples and make your own opinion:

A well-known supplier of tableware and products for kitchen and bathroom

  • Streamlined its operations
  • Enriched its product information
  • Distributed high-quality product content across channels

A global fashion brand

  • Learned how to drive omnichannel brand experiences
  • Reduced consequently its time-to-market
  • Puy the PIM a keystone of their digital transformation
  • Improved operational efficiency resulting in faster time-to-market

A leading global digital lifestyle accessories manufacturer

  • Achieved operational efficiency and faster time-to-market in less than a year
  • Was helped by Contentserv PIM to beat its Chinese peak season deadline

A European provider of high-efficiency heating, cooling and hot water

  • Build a system that caters to their needs
  • Gained several key benefits since PIM implementation

A PIM solution enables you to not only maintain an overview, but also to work as efficiently as possible – giving you the competitive edge that you’ve been looking for! Let’s talk groundbreaking product experiences together. Read more here.