The Manufacturer podcast: The Accidental Manufacturer

Posted on 4 Mar 2019 by Jonny Williamson

In the latest in our new series of podcasts, we hear from an American whose life took a very unexpected turn. Completely contrary to all his plans, he created a highly successful manufacturing business - in Lancashire - bringing him fulfilment, and jobs to his enthusiastic and highly skilled workforce. However, he might have got off to a better start in the UK if someone had explained to him the concept of Bank Holidays ....

Duncan Jones, MD of Philadelphia Scientific

Duncan Jones grew up in America dreaming of designing cars. As a young man he chose to become an architect instead, but just as he was embarking on his professional career designing buildings, he was sent to Bolton, Lancashire, to build the family business.

Today his company, Philadelphia Scientific, is the biggest and best of its type in Europe, and Duncan is enjoying a level of satisfaction as a manufacturer that neither of his previous career choices would be likely to match.

He spoke to Nick Peters via Skype about how his career took such a strange turn, and the joy that it brings him.