The Manufacturer Podcast: Just how do you grow a small company into a medium-sized one? Andrew Churchill knows

Posted on 3 Jul 2019 by Jonny Williamson

It's one of the toughest challenges in the UK economy - encouraging small companies to grow into the powerhouse-medium sized companies that are such a feature of successful industrial economies like Germany.

It is happening at JJ Churchill, a small-sized aerospace company – supplying parts to Rolls-Royce plc and jet engine makers worldwide – that is growing into a medium-sized company, through a mixture of agility, government support, and a laser-like focus on what it does best.

The story behind the company’s origins, at the birth of the jet age in the 1930s, is a fascinating one.

Nick Peters spoke to Andrew Churchill, the grandson of the founder, about it at the company’s headquarters in the very un-industrial surroundings of rural Leicestershire.