Manufacturers could clean up if they rethink waste

Posted on 12 Oct 2009 by The Manufacturer

The government-backed sustainability body Envirowise has launched a new programme called Rethink Waste and says it could save manufacturers up to £1,000 per employee.

The initiative is an online training and resource programme which consists of three online modules, a virtual factory tour, audiocasts and an online resource efficiency conference. Envirowise says it will take businesses through the key steps of collecting benchmarking data, developing an action plan and then implementing a waste saving strategy.

“While many UK manufacturers have enthusiastically adopted recycling measures , there are more opportunities to reduce and re-use materials as well – actions that could substantially benefit their bottom line,” says Envirowise production specialist Michael Savage. “With landfill tax set to rise to £48 per tonne in 2010/2011 the economic imperative to minimise waste at every opportunity is clear.”

The course begins early next year and companies have until December 31 to register. This can be done at

Envirowise is supported in the programme by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation.