Manufacturers face a significant cybersecurity risk from ransomware

Posted on 9 Sep 2021 by Tim Brown

The manufacturing sector faces a high risk of ransomware attacks and is seen as a high value target by hackers. For some manufacturing facilities, files are only stored locally and this can increase the risk and leave a manufacturing facility largely unable to defend itself against ransomware threats.

Ransomware is malware which encrypts files on your system, and demands payment in exchange for the decryption key. Such malware usually spreads by getting you to click on email attachments or websites that try to install it onto your system. For this reason manufacturing companies should be wary about clicking on unsolicited emails and suspicious websites .

Two types of ransomware exist: one where the user gets infected by opening an email attachment or program, and the other where the user gets infected by visiting a website.

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Manufacturing companies can utilise virus protection software, but it’s not a silver bullet and can’t provide complete protection. Once installed though, firms must pay attention to their antivirus software’s update notices so that they know when there is new ransomware being created. Manufacturing companies can also subscribe to services which will alert them of ransomware outbreaks in real time.

Furthermore manufacturing companies need to make sure employees understand cybersecurity and safe browsing behavior. They need to make sure employees know not to open suspicious emails and attachments, and what steps they can take if they find malware on their system.

But caution is not enough protection from ransomware

Even with the protections mentioned above, manufacturers can still fall foul of ransomware. A recent report from Trend Micro found that 84% of US organisations have reported phishing or ransomware security incidents in the last 12 months. 

To be completely protected, manufacturing firms should work with security experts to come up with effective cybersecurity plans. These plans should include automated backups which can save manufacturing companies if they get hit by ransomware.

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