How manufacturing companies can boost their sales

Posted on 10 Jul 2017 by The Manufacturer

The internet has made it easier than ever before for companies, large and small, to compete with one another in the marketplace.

NetworkManufacturing requires a global network of distribution, sales and support - image courtesy of Adobe.Unfortunately, many manufacturing companies are failing to utilise the internet to grow their businesses. Read our helpful tips on how to use the world wide web to boost your sales.

Invest in a great web design

A website is often a client’s first port of call when looking for a manufacturing company. If you want to make the right first impression, you must create an impressive web design that will wow a potential customer. Hire web design Birmingham services to create a strong brand rich website that works in harmony with your image and services.

An online product range

Customers will want to make an informed decision before they buy from your business. Provide an online catalogue that allows a prospective client to search and browse your product range, and feature a strong call to action that encourages a visitor to pick up the telephone or send an email to your company. Do you have a complicated service that requires a little explanation? Embed a helpful video demo on a website that will capture an audience’s attention.

Email marketing

Every manufacturing business should strive to collect as many leads as possible to boost their sales. Your site should ask web visitors for their name and email addresses so you can add them to your email communication list. Email marketing has a high conversion rate in comparison to direct mail. Once a customer becomes a subscriber, you can send regular emails on updated products or services, news and tips that will ensure your brand remains in their mind, and it could turn a lead into a sale. To increase your click through rate, personalise an email newsletter to make a customer feel like a VIP and encourage interaction with your brand.

Embark on an SEO campaign

Surprisingly, many manufacturing companies fail to invest in an SEO campaign. Use their shortcomings to your advantage and develop a solid SEO strategy that will help you bypass the competition and secure additional clients.

For instance, you can embark with a link building strategy, utilise keywords to boost your place in the search engines and add fresh, informative content to your website. By doing so, you will ensure your website appears at the top of Google when a visitor searches for a manufacturing product or service online.

Create a social media and PR campaign

Building a successful manufacturing company takes a significant amount of time and hard work. Don’t be afraid to shout about your company from the rooftops using social media and PR outreach. PR can boost your brand’s visibility to encourage future sales. While social media can expand on your PR efforts to attract followers and traffic to your website. Aim to distribute company press releases on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, which will improve your search engine rankings, and encourage followers to share articles on your company’s behalf.