MarchantCain plugs into the electric car sector

Posted on 4 Oct 2016 by Jonny Williamson

After successfully entering the electric vehicle market, Midlands design engineering business, MarchantCain, is ramping up operations in preparation what it expects will be a bumper 2018,

MarchantCain is already planning to relocate to larger premises in preparation for an expected surge in demand and production after agreeing a number of new deals with some major automotive OEMs.

The firm is also engaging with a German low-volume electric vehicle manufacturer, which has promised to bring affordable electric cars to the global market.

The German company is planning to bring what it believes will be the world’s most affordable electric vehicle to the second car market, with a business model based around the circular economy philosophy of re-use, re-engineer and recycle.

The new vehicle model, which is built using carbon fibre, will be sold to motorists on a use-and-return basis with vehicles being returned to the manufacturer upon contract end, to be refurbished, and sold onto a new owner.

The vehicle is being designed to be lighter and stronger than conventional vehicles for added range, with company officials claiming that the cars will have a range of more than 100km on a single charge.

MarchantCain has been engaged to advise the manufacturer on creating a model that is as lightweight as possible, using recycled materials. In particular, MarchantCain is prototyping a new lightweight window regulator system for the vehicle.

Its bold leap into the electric vehicle market follows a successful period for MarchantCain, which has just completed a project to install electrochromatic ‘smart glass’ in the new Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine, as well as agreeing new projects with major automotive OEMs for complex low volume manufacturing of lightweight interior components and active aerodynamic solutions.

Rob Marchant, managing director, MarchantCain Design
Rob Marchant, managing director, MarchantCain Design.

In addition, the business is continuing to work with established automotive OEMs the likes of Porsche and JLR.

As a result of this demand, Rob Marchant, managing director of MarchantCain, is tipping 2018 to be the company’s biggest ever year of growth.

He commented: “We follow markets and trends to achieve customer requirements and in this instance focused on reducing weight by changing materials and challenging traditional functional norms.

“Light weighting of vehicles and active aerodynamics are moving higher up the OEM agenda and, as a result of spending years specialising in this field, we are really reaping the rewards.

“At a time when the business model for selling vehicles is changing to greater personalisation, OEMs are working to get more and more power and performance from their products.

“We can already anticipate that 2018 will be our biggest ever year as demand for vehicle customisation and light weighting continues to grow and we are already formulating our plan to scale up for this demand.”