McCain chips in for education

Posted on 25 Feb 2010 by The Manufacturer

Frozen food group McCain begins a new wave in its initiative to help our chips off the old block get to know the roots of their food.

The scheme which sees the Potato Story tour around UK schools will begin its tour of Scottish schools today (25 Feb). Leaving from Edinburgh the purpose-built, unbranded, double-decker will progress on a mission to help children appreciate the connections between some of their favourite foods, like chips, and the raw ingredients which make them.

The Potato Story was launched in 2006 following a survey from the British Heart Foundation which revealed “one in three children did not know that chips were made from potatoes” but has evolved to be more than just a cookery lesson. McCain’s education scheme makes itself relevant to the national curriculum including lessons on ecosystems, plant lifecycles and nutrition. 92% of teachers who came into contact with the Potato Story said that the bus tour was relevant and brought added value to the curriculum.

Apart from aiding education this scheme also hopes to reach out and promote the food and drink industry’s image with teachers and pupils alike. Earlier this week the Scottish Food and Drink Federation announced new funding to promote their industry as a career destination of choice and raise the profile of the dynamic opportunities available in jobs from product development to engineering.
As the EEFs Manufacturing Week approaches it seems all sectors are taking on the challenge to alter, at best ambivalent and at worst out-right negative, perceptions held by large sections of the public about careers in manufacturing.