McLaren starts production of Sports Series

Posted on 6 Nov 2015 by Fred Tongue

McLaren has begun production of the new Sports Series range of cars that are to be made in the company's Woking factory.

McLaren Automotive has begun production of the new Sports Series family of super cars at the company’s advanced McLaren Production Centre (MPC).

The first car to be launched is the 570S Coupé, followed by the 540C Coupé – both will be released in 2016.

The global retailer network for the car manufacturer is reportedly already holding more than 1,000 orders for the new range of cars.

The Sports series will be added alongside McLaren’s other silos, the Ultimate and Super Series vehicles to complete its plan of having a three tier product range.

When the Sports Series is completed in 2018, McLaren expects to more than double the volume of McLaren Automotive to over 4,000 cars each year.

The Sports Series is expected to start from £126,000 for the 540C Coupé ,with the 570S Coupé costing £143,250

Jolyon Nash, executive director of sales and marketing at McLaren Automotive explained: ‘The start of production of the new Sports Series cars is a pivotal moment for McLaren Automotive.

“In our short history, we have produced a range of supercars and hypercars targeted at a core, enthusiast buyer.”

Nash continued: “Since 2011, our sales have increased year-on-year with corresponding developments in revenues and profits. The Sports Series is targeted towards a new buyer and opens McLaren up to the sports car market that we have not served to date.

“The buyer of a Sports Series model will still experience the benchmark performance and driver engagement delivered by every McLaren model, but will also notice the increased usability and practicality that differentiates it from our existing cars. In addition, the Sports Series will make a significant contribution to the long-term sustainability of the company.”