MEP praises West Midlands engineering company

Posted on 15 May 2015 by Jonny Williamson

MEP, Anthea McIntyre has commended Barton Coldform for its exporting success and for bringing jobs back to the UK during a visit to its Droitwich site.

The Conservative MEP recently enjoyed a tour of Barton Coldform’s 55,000 sqft factory at Stonebridge Cross Business Park in Droitwich.

Barton Coldform 1
Barton is one of Europe’s leading manufacturer of bespoke safety critical fastenings and special cold forgings.

Barton is one of Europe’s leading manufacturer of bespoke safety critical fastenings and special cold forgings, produce fasteners, bolts, nuts, rivets and screws for an increasing range of sectors.

During the visit McIntyre spoke with Barton Coldform’s management team and production staff who took time to demonstrate engineering processes and new machinery, recently installed as part of a significant investment into the factory.

Andrew Nuttall, MD of Barton Coldform, advised McIntyre that Barton exports 22 million component pieces every single month to 21 countries across the globe.

Nuttall went on to speak about the increasing importance of the lightweighting to manufacturing and of Barton’s particular success in understanding and delivering to the technical challenges of their focus markets; Germany, India and Asia.

McIntyre, said: “I was very impressed by the site, the investments Barton has made, the re-shoring of jobs and most importantly, the staff, who from the conversations I had during the tour of the production facility, are clearly an able, dedicated and happy workforce.

Barton Coldform 2
Barton supply’s some of the world’s biggest names in the automotive, construction, marine and military markets.

“It is reassuring to hear that Barton is exporting its products, around the world, and include success in the German market, which is to be applauded given how challenging  a market that is.

“Companies like Barton Coldform are one of the reasons why I like representing the West Midlands, a constituency that really does sit at the heart of the renaissance in UK manufacturing and long may it continue.”

The Conservative MEP also visited the brand new, £15,000 quality inspection office, where she learnt about Barton’s recent recruitment drive which saw the reshoring of a number of skilled manufacturing jobs back to the UK.

Barton Coldform is one of the UK’s oldest cold forging manufacturers, formed almost 80 years ago, founded by Cyril Field, the inventor of the Fixt-nut, an innovative fastener used across the automotive sector for more than 50 years.