We’ve made it: Minister wooed by young entrepreneurs at Gripple

Posted on 26 Sep 2012

Three young entrepreneurs who launched their own products with the help of Sheffield-based Gripple revealed them to the Business Secretary at the innovative company last week.

The Business Secretary met the three ‘cubs’, or entrepreneurs, after a tour of Gripple’s manufacturing area to see how the company’s products – including wire tensioners, joiners and pipe clamps – are made.

The cubs are the rising stars of Incub, Gripple’s project which helps budding entrepreneurs to fast-track their product concepts to market by providing the use of its expertise and facilities.

Dr Cable was in Sheffield to speak at the MADE entrepreneurial festival about the Government’s support for young business people with a new start-up scheme.

Lucy Nuttall, of Frontline Forensics, described NuCast180, her quick-drying forensics cast material. Nathan Bestwick of Yormii presented his revolutionary pepper mill, Millmii, and André Ferreira explained how VuAir, his remote-controlled aerial video machine, works.

Lucy Nuttall, Incub graduate

All three are now managing directors of their own companies.

“Gripple is exactly the kind of enterprise which helps to boost our economy – hi-tech, highly skilled with an impressive export record,” said Dr Cable. “Sheffield is a hotbed for these kinds of success stories. The Yorkshire region has a wide range of growing businesses, particularly in the manufacturing sector, and we want to see more.”

Incub is seeking to bring more ‘cubs’ to commercial maturity.

On Friday November 16 the ideas think-tank is holding a product ideas ‘boot camp’ in its ideas and innovations facility when the ideas of up to six potential entrepreneurs will be evaluated from a technical and market perspective.

Incub is also offering a flexible support package to four promising entrepreneurs which could help them to take their original B2B idea from drawing board to patented prototype in just four weeks.

Successful budding entrepreneurs could then go on to be Incub ‘cubs’ and be supported to see their concepts going onto the market.

Gordon Macrae, Gripple’s special projects manager, said: “”Incub’s collaborative approach

Gordon Macrae, Special Projects Manager, Gripple
Gordon Macrae, Special Projects Manager, Gripple

to developing young entrepreneurs’ exceptional ideas is unique. We are extremely proud of the ‘cubs which have already been ‘under its wing’ and we wish them every success in the future.”

If you have a ‘game changing’ idea, visit incub.co.uk and contact Gordon Macrae at [email protected].