More food manufacturers sanction use of the Southampton Six

Posted on 5 May 2009 by The Manufacturer

A further 22 food and drink manufacturers have committed to keeping their product lines free of six colouring additives which could cause hyperactivity in children.

The six were identified by research completed by Southampton University and funded by the Food Standards Agency. Ministers then agreed upon a voluntary ban on their use late last year.

The contentious colourings are:

• sunset yellow FCF (E110)
• quinoline yellow (E104)
• carmoisine (E122)
• allura red (E129)
• tartrazine (E102)
• ponceau 4R (E124)

The 22 manufacturers now added to the lists are: About Foods Ltd, Clock Tower Preserves, Elizabeth Smedley (Yorkshire), Ella’s Kitchen, Fredericks Dairies, Holme Farmed Venison, Jaconelli Scarborough Ltd, Mackenzie’s Smoked Products, Payne’s Dairy Ltd, R&R Ice Cream UK Ltd, R&R Tofu Ltd, Raydale Preserves, Ribblesdale Cheesemakers, Richards Produce Ltd, Ripon Select Foods Ltd, Shepherds Purse Cheeses Ltd, 2 Sisters Food Group, The Chocolate Factory, Whitby Seafoods Ltd, Wholehog Sausage Company Ltd, Yellison Farm Goats, and Yeo Valley Farms (Production) Limited.

The Food Standards Agency says any other manufacturers that are imposing the veto should contact it and it will publish the development on its website.