Motorsport event to inspire future apprentices

Posted on 12 Apr 2017 by Jonny Williamson

Young people interested in a career in automotive or motorsport are being urged to visit Loton Park, Shropshire, over the Easter weekend (16-17 April) to witness the Speed Hill Climb, sponsored by Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology (MCMT).

L to R: Christopher Greenough (Salop Design & Engineering), Bekki Phillips (In-Comm), Matthew Snelson (Grainger & Worrall) & Mike Roe (Classic Motor Cars) - skills & training
L to R: Christopher Greenough (Salop Design & Engineering), Bekki Phillips (In-Comm), Matthew Snelson (Grainger & Worrall) & Mike Roe (Classic Motor Cars).

The two-day event is expected to provide an ideal opportunity to promote automotive or motorsport apprenticeships, alongside the thrill of seeing motor cars speeding up the Shropshire countryside.

Bosses of the new £3m cutting-edge Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology (MCMT) training hub – led by a consortium of Classic Motor Cars, Grainger & Worrall, In-Comm Training and Salop Design & Engineering – will be on hand to talk to individuals and their parents about their vision to create ‘2,020 learning opportunities between now and 2020’.

They will also highlight how vocational learning can be a great way to forge a career and even study towards a degree – all without the burden of accruing significant University debt.

Additionally, plans for the 36,000 sqft centre in Bridgnorth will be showcased, which is expected to house dedicated fabrication, foundry, lathe, metrology, milling, robotics and vehicle trimming sections, as well as a specialist CNC Zone and spray booth/mixing capabilities.

Commercial director for Salop Design & Engineering, Chris Greenough explained: “The Loton Park Speed Hill Climb is a fantastic event for anyone interested in cars, nostalgia and competitive racing, which is why we thought it would be a great opportunity to raise the centre’s profile and get out there in the community.

“Thousands of visitors attend every year and we believe there will be a lot of young people there who will be looking at what to do next after school or college…that’s exactly the type of person we’re looking to attract.”

He continued: “They get to see some amazing cars, including classics such as the Sierra Cosworth and Peugeot 205GTI, through to the Subaru WRX, lightweight racers and specialist F1 style hill climbers. We can talk to them about how they could potentially be going into a job which sees them working on vehicles or in the supply chain.

“The MCMT, which is funded by the Marches LEP, is a massive opportunity for the area, but we do need businesses, parents, schools and young people to play their part, starting by filling our first cohort of 40 places for this September.”