Multi-million pound acquisition for West Midlands firm

Posted on 29 Dec 2015 by Victoria Fitzgerald

Smethwick-based manufacturer of cold-roll-formed steel, The Hadley Group, has acquired Overeem BV.

Representatives from the firm said the purchase is part of a wider target for growth and an aim to strengthen its global position in the automotive industry.

Dutch firm Overeem produces complex specialist roll-formed profiles primarily for Europe’s automotive industry; has a turnover 16 million euros; and employs more than 60 staff members.

The group, established 85 years ago, also manufacturers for the construction sector, as well as, lighting and air-conditioning industries.

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The deal is said to be worth millions of pounds.

CEO of Hadley, Stewart Towe said: “Overeem provides us with a vital link in our chain of cold-roll-forming manufacturing sites, which stretch from here in the West Midlands to South-East Asia.”

Hadley Group, which has been in business for more than half a century, operates from five UK sites, as well as, its overseas facilities in Germany, UAE and Thailand.

The manufacturer employs around 500 people world-wide and has a turnover of around £100 m.