Naked Energy scoops award for solar panels

Posted on 29 Feb 2012

Guildford-based energy solutions company, Naked Energy, has won an award for its innovative new solar panel which generates both electricity and hot water through a hybrid design.

The firm has won the European Institute of Technology Venture competition, receiving a cheque for €15,000.

This comes just a few months after Naked Energy was named a National Finalist in the Shell Springboard Winning Ideas competition, which secured a “start-up” pot of £40,000 to help the company take its technology to market.

Christophe Williams, managing director at Naked Energy, says that what makes the firm’s product has the potential to create a significant drop in carbon emissions, with every six panels installed saving an average of 1,701 kg of carbon a year from entering the atmosphere.

He explained that the PVT (Photovoltaic Thermal) panels developed by Naked Energy are a hybridised combination of vacuum tubes with photovoltaic cells – resulting in a high electrical output, stronger than standard PV panels, with consistent hot water delivery, even in mid-winter.

“Because Solar PVT produces more electricity per square metre than existing PV panels, with the added benefit of providing hot water, the payback period to a homeowner or business who invests in an installation is significantly reduced,” said Mr Williams.

“It’s a simple solution to reducing domestic energy bills and leaves consumers with a clear conscience as far as climate change goes. Definitely we are in a win-win situation,” he added.