New agreement sees electric superchargers get a boost

Posted on 9 Oct 2015 by Fred Tongue

CPT and Eminox have reached an agreement to collaborate on the development of electric superchargers to reduce fuel consumption.

Controlled Power Technologies (CPT), a British developer of advanced automotive technology focused on the electrification of internal combustion engines, and Eminox, also based in the UK and a leading European manufacturer of exhaust gas control systems for heavy duty diesel vehicles, have reached agreement to collaborate on the development of electric supercharging solutions to reduce fuel consumption. 

CPT’s electric supercharger, Controlled Boosting for Rapid Response Applications technology - known as Cobra.
CPT’s electric supercharger, Controlled Boosting for Rapid Response Applications technology – known as Cobra.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two firms covers European retrofit applications, including electric superchargers, to heavy goods, off-highway and public transport vehicles.

The plan is to combine CPT’s electric supercharger with Eminox’s SCRT technology, which blends continuously regenrating trap and selective catalytic reduction technology to reduce the emissions of vehicles already in service.

The plans are to create a solution that can achieve Euro VI emissions standards and fuel economy solutions.

Chief executive of CPT, Nick Pascoe commented: “Following the successful industrialisation by Valeo of our VTES compressor technology for light duty vehicles, now being progressively introduced by European carmakers in their latest models, we are confident that this MoU with Eminox will lead to early adoption of the technology in the heavy duty sector starting with its retrofit for trucks and buses.

Sales and marketing director at Eminox, Jog Lall continued: “As well as gaining field experience with the technology, our aim is to communicate to the aftermarket and retrofit sector, the effectiveness of this method of reducing emissions by combining CPT’s switched reluctance compressor with our well established SCRT after-treatment solution.”

Dr Phil Bush, technology manager at Eminox, added: “This arrangement supports our strategy of partnering with leading technology developers to provide emissions reduction solutions for a wide range of vehicles.

“Eminox SCRT technology can significantly reduce harmful diesel exhaust gases, particularly in urban operating conditions.   The additional control of compressed air for transient performance provided by Cobra means that we can purge diesel particulate filters and other forms of exhaust after-treatment for NOx reduction and, most importantly, without compromising fuel economy.”

Andy Dickinson, the senior manager at CPT responsible for Cobra and its closely related Tigers energy recovery system concurred: “Electric supercharging provides a cost-effective technology for controlling emissions without increasing fuel consumption.  Black smoke in particular, which is simply the result of too much fuel and insufficient air, can now be significantly reduced or even completely eradicated.  What we have developed is a robust product scaled for heavy duty vehicles.”

The need for this technology is driven by ever tightening legislation.  The latest Euro VI emission standards, for example, comparable in stringency to US 2010 standards, became effective in 2013.   The new regulation introduced stringent particle number emission limits, stricter on-board diagnostic (OBD) requirements as well as new testing requirements including off-cycle and in-use testing.