New anti-counterfeit technology from Spectrum Dynamix stumps pirates

Posted on 2 Feb 2015 by Tim Brown

An Orlando-based company has created a new chemical-based 'undefeatable' anti-counterfeit technology that is simple to use, can be applied across multiple product sectors and is impossible for counterfeiters to fool.

Created by Spectrum Dynamix, the new SpectraSure ant-counterfeit system lasts for decades, is inert, safe to the environment and can be used as a food and pharmaceutical additive or applied to a product or packaging.

The proof of originality can be scanned directly off the product using a hand held device for immediate forensic authentication. According to Spectrum Dynamix, this is in comparison to many other ant-counterfeit security taggants, which must be collected, transported to labs for processing, rapidly degrade, require caustic or dangerous agents to process, or extremely expensive laboratory equipment to authenticate.

Spectrum Dynamix CEO Russell Case recently told the Orlando Business Journal that the new product ranks as the only undefeatable, anti-counterfeiting technology available to help manufacturers protect their brands.

According to Case, the SpectraSure system is not just impossible to copy but due to its unique manufacturing process, it also cannot be reverse-engineered.

SpectraSure doesn’t alter a product visually or physically. It can be embedded in microscopic quantities in product packaging or directly in or on the product, and is undetectable.

According to the company, counterfeiting costs manufacturers more than $750bn annually, and that number is expected to continue growing.

Spectrum Dynamix is part of the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program, an economic development partnership between UCF; Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia Counties; and the cities of Apopka, Kissimmee, Orlando, St. Cloud and Winter Springs.