New Business ByDesign package released

Posted on 2 Aug 2010 by The Manufacturer

SAP has announced the release of the latest Business ByDesign package.

Feature Pack 2.5 provides a comprehensive, fully integrated on-demand business management suite.
The new features include real-time, in-memory analytics, support for mobile devices, customizable user interface and increased flexibility. It provides multi-tenancy and has been engineered for both customer and partner-specific business extensions.
The feature pack is now available in China, France, Germany, India, the United States and the United Kingdom.
In addition, SAP has announced the release of three new starter packages. These are predefined, focused subsets of the full SAP Business ByDesign. The company says these can be implemented in as little as six weeks depending on customers’ requirements.
Available for as few as ten users, the three starter packages currently available include a customer relationship management (CRM) starter package, which provides customers with best business practices for sales force automation; an enterprise resource planning (ERP) starter package, which can be implemented in six weeks at an cost of $37’500; and a professional service provider (PSP) package, which is designed to give small businesses and midsize professional services firms access to business process management capabilities. The PSP package can be set up in approximately eight weeks at a cost of $45’000.
There is in addition a subscription price per user of between $89 and $149 for all three starter packages.
“With the general availability of feature pack 2.5 we have achieved a major milestone,” said Peter Lorenz, executive vice president, SME solutions, and corporate officer, SAP. “By providing this new release, we deliver substantial innovation to support our customers’ business needs today and tomorrow. We also expect the new starter packages to enable our customers to quickly adopt the services and realize immediate results on their path to an integrated on-demand suite.”

Lorenzo Spoerry