PCB specialist invests £470k in bid to grow internationally

Posted on 16 Sep 2011 by The Manufacturer

Wrekin Circuits, a Shropshire-based manufacturer of printed circuit boards, has announced considerable investment in technology to build on its factory’s recent expansion.

The company, which is part of the unique Midlands Assembly Network (MAN), spent more than £470,000 on adding a further 6,000 sq ft to its manufacturing capabilities at Hortonwood in Telford, purchasing an innovative drill machine and bringing in copper fill facility and a Plane Raze device.

The latest acquisitions give the company the ability to provide complex PCBs in just three days, currently the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

It is an approach that has already led to a string of new contracts, including an order for LED technology that will save the rail sector £140m every year.

Andy Morris, sales manager at Wrekin Circuits, said: “Our industry is extremely competitive and customers are continually demanding smaller, lighter, more complicated circuit boards. It’s all about offering new solutions to the customer and the new technology gives our engineers the capability to utilise solder pad positions to drill between layers on the board – thus increasing the complexity of the PCB.

“They then use copper filling and a mechanical process to produce a sealed and completely flat board that is eventually used in aeroplanes, satellite navigation systems, mobile phones and military equipment.”

According to Morris, the process would normally take 10 days, but the new capabilities allow Weklin Circuits to meeting some contracts in 72 hours.

The firm’s ability to manufacture in a wide variety of materials (polyimide, PTFE Cyanate Ester and Rogers) and offer heavy copper plating (up to 10 oz Cu), 50 micron tracks and heatsinks has made it a natural partner for clients involved in the semi-conductor marketplace, aerospace and defence and, increasingly, in medical instrumentation.

Whilst the last twelve months have been tough with scarcity of material and fluctuating demand, the firm has been able to post consistent growth and will top £2.2m sales this year.

Another innovation for Wrekin is its involvement in the Midlands Assembly Network (MAN), a ten-strong group of sub-contractors who work together to share best practice and importantly win new business.