Peli BioThermal innovation raises the global packaging bar

Posted on 2 May 2017 by The Manufacturer

Peli BioThermal has been awarded the most distinguished innovation award that UK businesses can receive, the Queen’s Award of Enterprise, given in recognition of the companies’ development in temperature-controlled packaging.

The companies temperature controlled container Chronos Advance is reportedly the most reliable and advanced of its kind, image courtesy of Peli BioThermal
The companies temperature controlled container Chronos Advance is reportedly the most reliable and advanced of its kind, image courtesy of Peli BioThermal

Peli BioThermal had to prove that it could successfully meet a range of criteria to be eligible for consideration in the Innovation category. This included showcasing a newly developed, bespoke item one-of-a-kind product, and proving which significant commercial success of the product over two years.

The company also had to demonstrate a strong sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Peli BioThermal won for its temperature-controlled container, Chronos Advance, reportedly the most reliable and advanced of its kind. Using advanced insulation and phase change materials, the container can keep contents at a more precise and stable temperature for more than 120 hours.

The company exports to clients across the globe. The nature of the items it is responsible for means that reliability and precision are imperative. Precision temperature control, shipment tracking, automated logistic feedback capabilities, and greater stability for longer journeys are all beneficial approaches to a global export model.

The simple design is also able to reduce the number of human packaging errors and make the manufacturing process more efficient; as well as minimising risks to the supply chain to ensure secure and successful export on a global scale.

The awards celebrate and promote the most outstanding achievements of UK businesses and a title lasts five years. Alongside the recognition of exceptional work, holding a title allows companies to use The Queen’s Award flag and emblem for marketing purposes.

Previous winners have reported significant benefits from the global recognition, such as increased commercial value, greater press coverage, and a boost to staff morale.

The judging panel for the awards noted how Peli BioThermal’s Chronos Advance offers, “high reliability, improved performance and weight benefits”, and that “when transporting vaccines, tissue samples or clinical trial samples, it is critical that a consistent temperature is maintained.

“Issues with the traditional use of gel or ice packs include weight and space efficiency, and if they fail for any reason, valuable consignments (both in human and financial terms) can be lost”.

President of Peli BioThermal, David Williams, commented that the team of engineers behind Chronos Advance have successfully set a new standard for the temperature controlled packaging industry.

Williams noted that the company always strived to achieve excellence and staff will continue to push the boundaries with new pioneering designs.

He added: “It is an honour for our company to receive recognition for the development of this high performing product providing vital protection when shipping pharmaceuticals worldwide.”