Pharma firm wins grant for modular manufacturing technology

Posted on 17 Apr 2018 by Jonny Williamson

Biotechnology research and development organisation, Arcinova, has won a £1.5m Innovate UK grant for the development of new flexible modular manufacturing technologies.

Arcinova has won a £1.5m grant for the development of new flexible modular manufacturing technologies – image courtesy of Depositphotos.

The aim of the project is to develop a continuous, flexible modular manufacturing technology platform which will enable Arcinova to handle increasingly complex chemistries with more discreet manufacturing steps.

The platform will be used in manufacturing operations where manufacturing inventories need to be kept low and product purity needs to be maximised, where manufacturing throughput and efficiency are maintained at a high level and equipment changeover can be rapidly facilitated to cope with low batch numbers.

The project outcome is set to position Arcinova as a world leader in defining continuous modular manufacturing technology for the support of new chemical entities (NCEs) development, scale up and manufacture.

The developed continuous modular manufacturing technology will be easily scalable, with a reduced manufacturing footprint when compared to more traditional, batch reactor approaches. The developed technologies will enable Arcinova to enhance manufacturing capacity and minimise inventories for highly reactive hazardous processes whereas for a batch process the reaction scale would be severely constrained

Arcinova is a leading provider of drug substance process development and scale up support for a global client base and has inherited a site which has been operating for over 30 years with a wealth of process chemistry, safety, engineering and manufacturing support skills and infrastructure, both in batch and continuous manufacture.

The developed flexible modular manufacturing technology platform will enhance the company’s existing infrastructure in GMP and non GMP assets, which include 5-litre and 20-litre GMP vessel streams, and build on its current capabilities in continuous processing technology.

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