Pickersgills Electroplating seizes relocation opportunity to find new business

Posted on 17 Feb 2012 by The Manufacturer

Pickersgills, which provides powder coating and metal finishing services, has delighted new customer Susan Bradley Design after its relocation from Oxford to Yorkshire, seizing the opportunity to replace previous suppliers.

Susan Bradley sells its metal bookends through blue chip retailers such as John Lewis, Heals, Paul and the Victoria & Albert Museum shop.

The design company owner, Susan Bradley,explains: “We were relocating the company from Oxford to Yorkshire and so needed new suppliers. We found Pickersgills by recommendation and the service has been excellent.”

Winning Susan Bradley’s confidence now means that Pickergills, part of Joseph-Kaye Holdings, is treating up to 2,500 bookends a week across 30 different bookend designs.

In addition to this business however, spin off demand has arisen for Leeds-based Pickersgills from Susan Bradleys consultancy and commissioning services.

In addition to powder painting, Pickersgills offers a wide range of metal finishing solutions including pre-treatments such as chromating, phosphating and blasting, electroplating processes. Zinc, nickel and chrome, anodising and polishing are all completed in-house.