Plastic bearings manufacturer campaigns for UK plastics industry

Posted on 17 Aug 2012

BNL invited Andrew Jones, MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough, to visit its factory, technology centre and product development department, as part of a campaign launched by the British Plastics Federation to promote the importance of plastics in manufacturing.

The BPF urged Government to support the sector by addressing skills shortages, reducing legislation and creating opportunities for exports.

The Federation said: “The plastics industry is critical to the success of the Government’s manufacturing strategy. Due to their versatility plastics are now essential for most manufacturing and distribution industry sectors.

“Plastics technology will accelerate the progress made by UK companies to adopt the advanced manufacturing techniques of the future and enable them to achieve the necessary flexibility, precision, quality and environmental performance.”

BNL’s chief executive Derek Mansfield and sales manager EMEA Mark Watkins told Mr Jones of the challenges of attracting manufacturing talent to the Knaresborough area where the company is based.

The business, which exports over 90% of its products, remained successful in recent years thanks to a diverse customer base, Mr Mansfield explained: in the past month, BNL has won contracts in Asia and has seen a growing interest in its product offering from the European automotive sector.

Mr Mansfield concluded: “The key challenges for our industry are the accessibility of investment funding and maintaining our key manufacturing skills. Our ability to develop and innovate relies on investment and growth for our business, as well as our customers’ businesses.”