Principles of 5S and lean management which can benefit every manufacturer

Posted on 16 Nov 2020 by Tim Brown

5S is an organisation system that prioritises efficiency and effectiveness within the work place. The principles of 5S originated from five Japanese words: 整理 (Seiri), 整頓 (Seiton), 清掃 (Seiso), 清潔 (Seiketsu), 躾 (Shitsuke), which have been translated into English roughly as ‘Sort’, ‘Set in Order’, ‘Shine’, ‘Standardize’, and ‘Sustain’.

Image courtesy of Depositphotos. The principles of 5S are also commonly known as ‘lean management’ and were instigated by Toyota in the 1950s. The main purpose of 5S, also known as lean management, is to reduce waste and increase efficiency, thereby reducing production costs while increasing productivity, safety, and employee satisfaction.…

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